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What We Do


The [PS]K Design architectural team have developed through their focus on design and what this means to their clients. In the purest sense, the core skill of delivering a high quality and cohesive scheme is the ability to articulate a vision through design.

With each project a client will have a vision of what they want. We have developed our reputation by engaging closely with clients to understanding their needs and expanding the practical aspects of the design brief to organise the key principles and functions which allows the form, layout and shape to deliver the vision in an almost organic way.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and seeing our clients enjoying the outcome of the project which not only delivers them with their visions but also a lifestyle.


The [PS]K Design engineering team have established a track record of working closely with their clients to deliver engineering excellence.

In this confrontational world it is easy to work at arm’s length from your customer and miss out on the real value of what can be offered or focus on what the client needs. Whilst we understand that there is some risk in working closely with a customer should things go wrong, without this level of integration it’s hard to understand their business and find the right solution for them.

By understanding the practical needs of your client and what drives their business you are able to offer solutions that complement all aspects of their business regardless of the sector.

This ethos has allowed [PS]K Design to enjoy a high level of repeat business with their customer base.


The [PS]K Design energy team have established a track record of working closely with their clients to deliver company energy optimisation solutions ranging from straight forward practical advice to cutting edge technological solutions. We have created simple reports that anyone in the team can understand and support all energy efficiency and carbon reporting, these are tailored to clients’ personal objectives.

Energy efficiency is a priority for our clients and the ability to effectively manage energy is essential in any plan to reduce costs. Information is key in managing energy, we help clients streamline data and forward plan.

What makes us different from other energy management consultants is that we have a team of MEP design experts to help progress projects with energy at the forefront, looking at the bigger picture, advise on building controls and push energy retrofits with client goals aligned.

Working with us is a win win, we help you reduce your energy costs, reduce your carbon and make the world a greener cleaner place.